Privacy Policy

Protecting privacy and user data is of utmost importance to Officextensions and reaffirm its commitment to continually improving the effectiveness of the data protection process.

It is important for the user to read and understand these rules, which should be interpreted in conjunction with other applicable provisions, especially those arising from applicable law.

These Privacy Guidelines simply and transparently inform the way information is handled and used, from its collection to its disposal. Reading should be done at each access to this site and / or application, considering that the document is dynamic and can be changed at any time.

By accessing Officextensions Owners’ websites and / or applications, you express your acceptance of the terms of these Privacy Policies, authorizing the obtaining of the data and information mentioned herein as well as their use for the purposes specified below. If you do not comply with these Guidelines, you may discontinue your access to the site and / or applications.

The handling of information regarding site users and / or applications will comply with the following directives:

  1. While browsing and / or using applications, the following information may be sent to (owned by Officextensions): access device characteristics, browser characteristics, Internet Protocol with date, time and origin, click information, pages accessed, the source page accessed before site and / or app exit, any term typed on the sites and / or app (including our search engine), geolocation, profile data on social networks, among others.
  2. Information will be received, processed and stored securely and fully, in a controlled and secure environment, respecting the legal term of storage, even after the end of the relationship with the user of the site and / or application.
  3. The information obtained will be considered confidential and will only be accessed by authorized persons trained to provide them with appropriate treatment.
  4. The information collected may be used to provide more efficient navigation, targeted to users’ needs, providing them with a better experience. Information retention time will comply with applicable laws as well as Information Security best practices to meet the highest level of confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  5. Cookies or similar technologies may be used to recognize users, origin and last access, and to track site and / or application usage.
  6. Advertising pages may be displayed on the user’s navigation, such as sideunder or onpage advertisements.
  7. When browsing the site, the user may not accept the use of cookies. In this case, you can adjust your browser settings to disallow use. However, disabling them is not recommended as it may impact the user experience when using the site. Regarding apps, both mobile apps and browser extensions, if the user disagrees with the use of technologies for user recognition while browsing, as well as tracking their use, the user should stop their access to the app.
  8. The storage and use of information will enable Officextensions to offer personalized services according to the characteristics and interests of its users. This may lead to user-specific content and advertising offerings, benefiting your experience on websites and / or applications. To this end, Officextensions may share the information obtained with contractors and / or partners, always in compliance with the fundamentals of user protection, being required to comply with our security and privacy guidelines set forth in these Directives and legal requirements.
  9. The information and data contained in our records, as well as other requests that may guarantee legal or contractual rights, will only be provided to the respective holders upon formal request, in compliance with legal requirements.
  10. Records of user access and personal data, compliance with privacy rights, protection of personal data and the confidentiality of private communications are performed in accordance with the law.
  11. Personal data may be permanently deleted upon the user’s own request, upon termination of the relationship between the parties, subject to the term of custody established by law.
  12. The site and / or applications may contain links that direct the user, in their sole and exclusive discretion, to third party pages. Officextensions disclaims any liability for the safety of navigation on such pages as well as for the content made available on them.
  13. Regardless of the site page and / or application routing, these Privacy Policies do not apply to third-party pages, which may have different privacy policies from which we recommend reading.
  14. The authentication mechanisms (password, token, etc.) provided for access to transactional environments are for personal and non-transferable use and should not be shared under any circumstances. Officextensions Company is not responsible for any damage caused by such sharing.
  15. Officextensions is not responsible under any circumstances for problems related to the partial or total unavailability of data transmissions arising from the infrastructure of service providers and internet access.

Definition of technical terms:

Cookies or similar technologies (eg, pixel tags, web bugs, etc.): Small text files that store user preferences when using certain websites and / or applications on the Internet, improving your browsing experience and making it more fast.

Links: Also called hyperlinks, hyperlinks, or links, are logical and dynamic links, usually underlined in blue, that take the user to a web page or website.